Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally - what Marine Spouses Have Been Waiting For...

I can't tell you how many FB posts, phone calls and emails we receive asking when MMH will start producing the Marine decals in desert digitals so....I would like to introduce the NEW USMC Desert Digital 12x12 and 5x7 sheets! All of these sheets are currently on order with our supplier so you can't purchase them just yet, but we did want you to be able to see them. We know there will be questions so we wanted to answer some of them up front:
Question: Will the decals have skin tones and hair colors?
Answer: No. For these particular decal sheets, we are trying to keep the family with neutral colors.
Question: How much will each sheets cost?
Answer: The 12x12 sheets will retail for $15 and the 5x7 sheets will retail for $7.50.
Question: When will I be able to purchase these decals?
Answer: We should have them in stock and up on our website hopefully by the end of February.
Question: Will MMH be holding a contest to give away these decals?
Answer: Yes. We plan on holding a give away for the 12x12 sheet during a Valentine's Day contest -to be announced on FB.
Question: Will the Marine Corps Exchanges be selling these decal sheets?
Answer: That is our plan :)
Question: Will MMH still carry the woodland digi decals?
Answer: Yes. Our primary line of decals will not change
Question: Are the decals still manufactured/produced in the USA?
Answer: Yes. We wouldn't have it any other way!!
Well, I think we've asked and answered all of the questions we could think of! Should you have additional question/comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!!
Semper Fi!!!
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