Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who's Showing the Love?

Hi All. Thank you to Kym and Syah for showing MMH the most love on FB thus far! We are giving away 2 prizes: 1) an embroidery Stephen Joseph quilted backpack (sample on the left) (http://www.stephenjosephgifts.com/) and 2) a set of our popular MMH Family Car Decals. Right now we only have 2 entries! Are you guys really going to let these two ladies win that easily?
All you have to do is refer your friends to our FB page and have them mention you sent them! That's it! You don't have to buy anything - just refer & then post! You still have 1 more week to be the person who shows MMH the most love and wins one of our prizes!!
Good Luck!!

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