Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rolling Along....5 days Left!

Wow! You guys are awesome! I have several new followers on my Blog, FB and Twitter. Just keep in mind, if you are new to one of our sites make sure you leave a comment for me. On blogs, people can use "cute names" and I can't tell who you are. So just make sure when you comment, tell me "Hi, I'm Tina L. aka "Marine_Wifey"- please enter me in your contest!
Or if a friend referred you to one of our locations, make sure to remind your friend to use your name when they post on our wall or post a comment on our blog. "I was referred by Tina L"- this will get you another entry!
Navy Digital Dads - Yes, we produce them! I am not allowed to sell them, but for this contest I may be able to give a set away! Several of Exchanges in San Diego, Virginia and Florida are now carrying them. We just sent a reorder to them at the end of December - so they should be in stock now an ready for purchase!
Good luck! Also, if you currently have a set of decals on your vehicle, please feel free to post them on our FB page along with your comment for another entry!
Should you have questions about the contest or general product questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!


  1. Hi, I am Leigh! I bought my orginal set of Navy Family Decals when we were in Jax checking on our home. I FELL IN LOVE SERIOUSLY! I made my husband go to the NEX in Great Lakes and they were all gone. I needed a new one because he made Chief! Thankfully I just ordered "him" but I wanted to let you know when it thanked me for my order..."order" is spelled wrong! Thought you might like to know! I hope I win. :)

  2. Hi Leigh. Thanks for the post and also for the heads up in regards to the "order" LOL. My hubby does our website and sometimes things get a little crazy! Good Luck!! Also, don't forget to follow us on FB and to refer your friends to us for more entries! Take care!

  3. Hi! I have posted some comments & referred some friends. I realized that I am one of the people who hadn't included my real name. I am Syah Hernandez- aka GypsySyah. Hoping to get those adorable decals! :)

  4. Thanks - glad I can give the tally to the correct person :).