Sunday, November 28, 2010

Navy Digital Dads & Sons Now in an NEX near you!

Hi all. I have had tons of emails regarding our New NWU decals! They are available in Dad & Sons in light, medium and dark skin tones. However, I'm sorry to say that you cannot purchase them through our website. There are strict copyright laws regarding the Navy NWU pattern that we must adhere to!
That being said...Nexcom just reordered a substantial quantity of the new NWU decals as well as all the other Navy decals they were out of. Will be shipping the decals to: North Island & 32nd Street (San Diego, CA); Oceana & Norfolk (VA) and Jacksonville & Pensacola (FL) Exchanges on December 6th. The decals can be found in the Navy Pride Section of the Exchange and should be available for purchase around the last week or so of December. If you don't see them in the Exchanges list above around this time, please ask to speak with the manager in the NP section, and hopefully they can either find them in the back for you or at the very least give you an exact time they should be on the floor for purchase.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and Happy Shopping!

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