Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Military Hero Taking the Next Step

Hi Everyone. Hope you are all having a nice summer thus far. Happy belated 4th! I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while, but as most of you know we just completed a cross-country PCS move. Man what a trip...almost 3000 miles - YIKES!! Anyway, we arrived safely - no tickets and all children alive! It actually wasn't that bad of a trip, but thank goodness it will be our last cross-country move (I hope!) We weren't able to get a house on base so we are renting out house just outside of Stafford and we absolutely LOVE IT! I love being back on the EC and so close to family!

On another note, My Military Hero is taking the next step in our business. I just filed all of the LLC (Limited Liability Company/Corporation) paperwork!! I'll post once everything is official!! This is so exciting for us! I also have a meeting with the buyer for MCCS (the Marine Corps Exchange)on Thursday. Please say a little prayer for me that day :)! We are very hopeful to get picked up by MCCS and be able to sell our military car decals at several of their locations. The buyer I have to meet with is a tough sell so I definitely have to have my ducks in a row for the meeting. I'll also let you all know (good or bad) how things go.

While supplies last, customers who order at least $30 worth of merchandise (excludes shipping & handling and tax) will receive a FREE canvas tote! Tote description: Sturdy and 100% cotton twill with contrasting canvas bottom and straps. Has an exterior front pocket and webbed handles. The dimensions are 14.5"h x 14"w x 5.5"d.
Thank you to all of you for emails, posts, support and suggestions! Keep them coming! I promise I will post more especially this year as I will not be homeschooling the kids.
Take care all and Happy Summer!

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  1. Hi! I read that you moved back to the EC after PCSing from the West. Where are you guys stationed? We are at Ft. Bragg :)