Monday, June 7, 2010

*New Navy Digital & Flight Suit Decals & Contest*

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of summer. I wanted to officically announce our newest decals: the New Navy Digital and Navy Flight Suit females are here! There is one little catch though...we can only sell the Navy Digitals through the Navy Exchanges and not through our website. I know, I know - I'm really sorry, but we had to sign an exclusive copyright contract with the Navy Exchange to even be able to produce these super cute decals. We are able to sell the Navy Flight Suit females and they have just been added to our website.
We just shipped out our first shipment of digitals and flight suits to 6 Exchange locations this past Friday. They should have them in their Navy Pride Section and hopefully to be ready to sell by June 18th. The locations that will be selling our decals are as follows:
  • 32nd Street Main Exchange, San Diego CA
  • North Island, Coronado CA
  • Norfolk Main Store, Norfolk VA
  • NEX Oceana Main Store, Virginia Beach VA
  • Pensacola Main Store, Pensacola FL
  • JAX NAS Main Store, Jacksonville FL

We are in the process of working with the buyer for the Navy Exchanges to expose our decals to more Exchange locations. If you would like to see our decals in an Exchange near you, please email us so that we can compile all requests.

Now for the Fun Part!! Would you like to be the first family to own a set of New Digital Decals? Well, here's your chance...send us an email (, FaceBook us or post on our Blog why you would love to win a set of the New Digital Decals and they could be yours! The contest begins today June 7th and will run only through June 23rd!! Why June 23rd you ask, because our family will be PCSing from CA to VA on June 24th and I would like to be able to mail out the decals before our cross-country move.

Rules: Well, there really are no rules, but all Navy supporters, please pass this information along to all other Navy spouses, friends, etc you know. (*Please also note that only the dads and sons will be wearing the digitals. The moms and the daughters remain the same w/the blue dress and anchor*)

Thank you again for supporting a fellow military spouse and My Military Hero.

Tina Lindauer
My Military Hero *New Website*
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