Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Military Hero Decals in Navy Exchanges!!

My Military Hero is now in 6 Navy Exchanges.
You can find our decals at 32nd Street & Coronado (San Diego, CA), Virginia Beach & Norfolk (Virginia) and Pensacola & Jacksonville (Florida).
We are so very excited to finally have our decals represented in these Navy Exchanges. Our decals are still being produced in United Stated and they still carry a three (3) year warranty against fading or peeling. What other decal company can say this for their decals??
A BIG thank you to all who have purchased our decals & supported us on our journey! We wouldn't be here without you.
Beginnning February 1st and extending for the entire month of February, ALL branches of military car decals will be $1 off. So, if some of your friends have been admiring your decals, please feel free to send them to our website for their own discounted set.

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