Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Bit About Me

Hey guys - welcome to my first post of "My Military Hero" blog. I'm new to this but thought this would be a great opportunity to keep you updated with family and business news.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a Marine Wife of 11 years - you can see my family to the left. My husband, Jason has been in the Corps for 14 years now (I've been with him since year 2)'s hard to believe how fast time goes by. We have three children - Brandon (8), Bode (soon to be 6) and Chloe (4).

I started our business, My Military Hero, in August 2006 while stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA . Originally, I wanted to make military-specific rubber stamps for scrapbooking. That's where things started but now we do all kinds of wonderful military related things (most of them being handmade). One of our hottest items is the military family car decal...we have them for all five branches of service (Coast Guard included). They are a great way to show off your family while conveying your military service with pride! Constantly a work-in-progress, you can see what we do at our website

We are currently stationed in Monterey, CA - Jason is going to the Naval Postgraduate School getting his MS in Operations Analysis. It's a nice area even though it never gets very warm...I guess that could be a blessing too!

I was fortunate to find a space at the Exchange here to set up our first storefront, the My Military Hero Boutique. We have all of our items for sale there as well as hand-crafted items from nine other military spouses. It's a beautiful conglomerate of hair bows, purses, jewelry, candles, stamps, embroidery...all kinds of wonderful things. We all take turns working there, so it's relatively low-stress.

I will be updating this as regularly as possible (with three kids and a business), so please come back! For all of you who have supported me so far with the business, thank you! Things are moving forward and we are hoping to get a contract with the Navy Exchange soon!